One day I was driving home from work and I saw a guy at a red light next to me. He was very casually picking his nose. I watched him for a bit and wondered what he would say if someone actually asked him point blank, “Do you ever pick your nose?”. Would he tell the truth? Then I wondered how many people would actually admit to picking their nose if they were assured complete anonymity. Then I simply wondered how many people actually do pick their nose. Gross? Most definitely. Interesting nonetheless? Absolutely!

SnappyPoll is a place where you can ask and honestly answer any question you want, no matter how personal, how embarrassing or how silly. Worried about being found out? Please don’t be. The entire success of SnappyPoll depends on one VERY important thing: your answers being totally, completely, 100% anonymous. We do not care what your name is, we don’t even require an e-mail address to register. Heck, we don’t even store your IP address, so no subpoena or “agency” will be able to match you to your answers. Period. All we care about is that you answer honestly. When you answer a question, you will be able to see how many others answered like you. You’ll even be able to see how different genders, races or age groups answer the same question. It’s pretty cool.

So…? Do YOU ever pick your nose?

Have fun, and remember to be brutally honest!


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